Summit 2014 PT 2

GfK MRI National Study

GfK’s MRI national study of US consumers is the most widely used multi-media resource among strategic media planners. The syndicated study includes exposure to all traditional media, plus:

  • Consumption of over 550 product categories and over 6,000 brands
  • Leisure, lifestyle and attitudinal data
  • Category psychographics and segmentations
  • In-depth demographics

As of August, 2010, GfK MRI released data covering advertising exposure to digital place-based venue-types as well as interest in the advertising.

DPAA subscribes to GfK MRI and we’ll be producing marketing collateral materials and posting them on the DPAA web site to be available for all members.

If you’re interested in more information about this study, please visit www.gfkmri.com.

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