Digital Place Based Advertising Revenue Reporting

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The DPAA is looking for digital place based network participation in an important industry initiative. DPAA’s Advisory Board has identified that the fastest way to grow this space is to give them the ammunition to support their recommended use of Digital Place Based media. They have identified ad revenue reporting as an important tool they need. To that end, DPAA encourages your company’s participation in the Miller, Kaplan, Arase Ad Revenue reporting process.

Digital place based media has been showing tremendous ad revenue growth, particularly in comparison to other media.   

Beginning in 2012, we’re expanding this process to include ad revenues by product category and brand level data as well. While this process will be underwritten by the DPAA and its members, the results are intended to reflect the industry at large, so membership is by no means a requirement for participation. 

Why Is this Important?

1. The agencies are asking us for ammo to support their recommended use of Digital Place Based media to their clients.

For the last several years, DPAA’s Advisory Board has implored that we provide this kind of information to the ad community. Their contention; this helps agencies and their clients understand the trends, and importantly, nothing spurs action better than seeing your competition’s participation! Agency planners and buyers know this and are looking for our help.

2. Every other sector in the media world participates in reporting ad revenue except us until now.

This is pretty compelling when you consider that there are serious business reasons that other competitive media feel a need to report their results.  The first, from our perspective, is that it puts us on the map along with other media. By not participating, it puts us at a competitive disadvantage.  By not participating, it also reflects a certain lack of maturity as a media type, not something that inspires confidence among clients and buyers. 

3. There’s tremendous momentum: let’s show it!! There are several reports that show growth of the medium using various parameters, but a pure ad revenue report on digital place-based is imperative for growth.

What You Get by Participating

In return for your participation, Miller Kaplan will provide you with a report that shows your company’s ad revenue growth side by side with industry revenue growth for the current quarter and YTD. Of course Miller Kaplan will provide us with a new report:

  • This new report will show ad revenue growth by product category and brand aggregated across all participating companies for the current quarter and YTD.

With this information the DPAA will market and promote the strength of the industry to the advertising community.

This is a Very Safe and Secure Process: Miller, Kaplan, Arase

Please know that neither DPAA, nor any other participating company, will ever see your company’s revenues or growth rates either overall, by product category, or by brand. Miller Kaplan collects this information on a confidential basis. 
Miller Kaplan will provide you with a Collection Form to be used to fill in your net ad revenues for submission back to them directly and no one at the DPAA, or any other DPAA member company will ever have access to any individual network's revenues. Period.
Likewise, no individual company is added or removed individually from the report, preventing any potential for "backing out" revenue figures. (Miller Kaplan will walk you through any other concerns you may have.) 

About Miler, Kaplan, Arase

Miller Kaplan has provided industry revenue measurement to the media industry for nearly 30 years and currently serves over 2,000 media clients. Several trade associations, including the Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA), the Radio Advertising Bureau (RAB) and the Cinema Advertising Council (CAC), just to name a few, are large clients of Miller, Kaplan, Arase.

 Ad Revenue Reporting Process

Miller Kaplan data collection will take place in the following manner.  You will receive a request from Miller Kaplan for your total digital place-based ad revenues for the previous 4 quarters, and your category/brand data for the previous 4 quarters, as well.

The Final Plea

In order to support the positive growth trends evident in the digital place-based sector, your participation is much needed. 

This is the next logical step in this sector’s maturation process and one that our Agency Advisory Board believes will make a difference to your bottom line.  This is an extremely secure process with your results only going to Miller Kaplan and they’re well-practiced at handling highly confidential and sensitive material. 

If you have further questions about participation, please contact

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