What is Digital Place Based Media?

Think screens, in many, many places found throughout the consumer journey  (i.e., malls, bars, gyms, dr’s offices, office lobbies and elevators, restaurants, taxi’s, airports, planes, hotels, gas stations… the list goes on) in places where consumers have “dwell time”.

These screens are digital, video, many addressable and some even interactive. These screens are programmed with engaging content that entertains and/or informs, and is relevant to its environment. This provides marketers the opportunity to target well beyond standard demographics’, allowing them to get at lifestyles, consumers’ mindset and relevance. 

With digital place based, we can implement the ultimate in behavioral targeting to influence these consumers. We know where they are, who they are, what they watch and we understand their mindset. This unique intersection of time, place and purchase intent is called the moment of maximum influence. Moments that engage potential customers at the right time, when they are most receptive to marketing messages, and in the right place, not only on the path to purchase but also right at the point of purchase.

With the power of the right message, at the right time, at the right place you can leverage digital place-based to either build awareness, increase purchase intent, activate mobile interaction or trigger a purchase right at the point of sale.

Marketers know media consumption is shifting faster than ever, from on the couch inactivity to on-the-go interactivity. The constant digitization of media surrounds consumers at every opportunity; that’s the power of digital place-based.

Make no mistake, the active consumer has always been here, it’s only now with digital place-based we have the technology to effectively target them and tap into the full potential of this consumer mindset.

 What it is NOT

Digital place based is NOT transit advertising on the exterior of vehicles, outdoor bulletins, street furniture advertising, or electronic billboards where static images are digitally delivered.

It IS networks that are content driven to connect with consumers and provide marketers with great environments to connect.

To learn more about digital place based and how marketers are using this fast growing medium, download the industry presentation from our Industry Presentation page.

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