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ARF Audience Measurement 7.0
Start: Monday, June 11, 2012 -
End: Monday, June 11, 2012 -


Speakers include:

Rex Briggs
CEO, Marketing Evolution


Lucy Hood
Executive Director, Institute for Communication Technology Management, USC


Charles Kennedy
SVP, Research, ABC Television Network


Jack Wakshlag 
Chief Research Officer, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.

A record-breaking number of papers from around the globe were submitted to be part of this year’s esteemed event. Clearly, a critical mass has been reached in the industry calling for solutions to the measurement crisis.

At Audience Measurement 7.0, global leaders will address the reasons for this conundrum, describe remedies that will move us forward, and present exclusive research findings across six significant categories.

Throughout these two days, we will we generate paths to solving the measurement crisis. We invite you to join us whether you are a marketer, working at an agency, employed at a media company, make your living at a research company, finishing up your degree, or already have a PhD. 

Join us for the world’s largest audience measurement conference June 11-12 in New York City.  Based on your feedback, these two days are uniquely organized by topic module for efficiency, focus, and networking. 

Insights on Media Behavior in the U.S. and Around the World 
Learn how media usage and consumer motivation are changing by country, by demographics, by psychographic variables, and by medium.

The Impact of Social Media 
Does social media have any of the same characteristics as traditional media? What is its “value?” How can we leverage it?

Mobile Platforms 
Learn what types of measurement works – and what doesn’t.  Presentations address new findings about mobile behavior, both in general society and in segments, the truth about mobile engagement, and the use of mobile as a research tool. 

Measurement Innovations 
As media consumption grows even more personalized and fragmented, how do we meet the challenge of accurate measurement? Incredible measurement innovations will be premiered by leading businesses.

Enhancing Research Quality 
Research quality is an enduring topic essential to solving the measurement crisis. This track will showcase methodological innovations, techniques to improve data collection and panel creation, and optimization of existing methods.

What Have You Learned about ROI or Marketing Science?
These thought-provoking presentations are geared toward sharing knowledge that can improve ROI and marketing science. Social analytics, the impact of emotional metrics, new approaches to modeling, or industry guidelines – all topics are on the table.


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