button_launch_infocenter_332The DPAA's InfoCenter, an interactive resource for planners and buyers, has been developed in conjunction with the DPAA membership to provide the most current and accurate discovery tool to assist agencies and clients in navigating, planning and buying the digital place-based media space.

The InfoCenter provides members with the most up-to-date and complete data available to allow advertising agencies and their clients the ability to most effectively and efficiently plan and implement their place-based media strategies.

All  the data submitted and included within the InfoCenter system has been reviewed by the DPAA for completeness. To ensure the level of quality of data in the system Audience Measurement has been entered by the respective research company, and the CEO of each member network has attested to the accuracy of the data entered into the system via a CEO Affidavit, you can view it by clicking on the CEO Affidavit button to the right of each networks profile listing. Some computers may need to download Microsoft Silverlight to access InfoCenter, installation should only take a moment, most computers already have this installed.

Agencies, you must register via login to unlock the full spectrum of research available.

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Our Members
Outfront Media
AMI Entertainment Network, LLC
Life Time Fitness
In+Out Russian Association for Digital Place-based Networks
Vector Media
CNN Airport
Access Sports Media