Committees are the working groups that bring DPAA initiatives to life.  Committee membership is open to anyone from a DPAA member company in good standing. 

To aggressively drive growth and identify compelling paths forward, collaboration among our stakeholders is critical. To this end, the DPAA committee structure is based on the following tenets to promote focused dialogue on DPAA  priorities:

  • Committees are cross populated with DPAA members, Agency Advisory Board members and clients, as necessary depending upon the focus of the committee.

Standing Committees

Entertainment Committee

Media Operations Committee

Mobile Integration Committee

Research & Standards Committee

Select Committees

Select committees are formed to carry out functions not covered by the standing committees. These committees exist only as long as it takes for them to complete their work and report back to the members.  The deliverable may be an actual document such as a white paper or guideline or some kind of educational series that helps agencies and networks.


Our Members
Vector Media
Adspace Networks, Inc.
Outfront Media
AMI Entertainment Network, LLC
Cineplex Digital Solutions
GEE Media
EYE Corp Media
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