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ABC and Creative Mobile Technologies Sign Exclusive National Mobile Media Network Deal

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NEW YORK, Dec. 1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC (CMT), the nation's leader of in-vehicle technology solutions, and its media subsidiary, Creative Mobile Media, LLC (CMM) has signed an exclusive deal with American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. and ABC National Television Sales to provide premium content and advertising through ABC's local stations and sales forces in major U.S. media markets, including its flagship station, WABC-TV in New York City, where CMT's equipment is installed in some 6,600 yellow medallion taxis.  CMT and CMM together comprise the largest in-taxi mobile media network in the country with nearly 10,000 fully interactive media screens. The deal will become effective January 1, 2012.

ABC, part of The Walt Disney Company, is a global broadcast media content and advertising sales leader, with some of the most recognizable assets in news, sports, and entertainment programming, including ESPN and ABC News.  The 140-person sales force of ABC National Television Sales and its ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales unit leverage the market leadership of the ABC-owned and affiliate stations across the country to deliver high quality advertising alongside its premium ABC content.  In New York City, ABC's substantial and growing presence in Times Square will afford myriad synergistic opportunities with CMT's in-taxi media. 

WABC-TV has already built a strong content presence in New York City taxicabs and now looks to further strengthen that presence in association with CMT, whose customers' taxis generate more trips per day than any other in-taxi media company.  The deal with CMT/CMM, the pre-eminent national pioneer and leader in the rapidly growing in-taxi advertising space, will allow ABC to broaden its content and advertising reach within this unique media space in almost 10,000 taxicabs across the country, with thousands of additional taxicabs expected in 2012, capitalizing on the rise in popularity of in-taxi media and advertising solutions. 

"ABC's exclusive new pact with Creative Mobile Technologies and Creative Mobile Media significantly expands the growth opportunities ahead for our taxi TV programming and advertising business," said Dave Davis, President and General Manager of WABC-TV in New York. "This new combination of CMT's superior technology and the market-leading content from ABC stations promises a better passenger experience in taxis in New York and other cities."

John Watkins, President of ABC National Television Sales, added: "This new relationship with CMT and CMM reflects our companies' shared commitment to take programming and advertising to the next level in the fast-growing taxi TV segment. We look forward to working closely with CMT and CMM to further enhance the value of this important out-of-home market for both riders and advertisers." 

"With ABC, CMT is more excited than ever about our content and advertising offerings to our customers and taxi passengers," said Ron Sherman, CEO of Creative Mobile Technologies.  "We are extremely impressed with the entire ABC team and their commitment to CMT's expanding vision and believe this to be the absolute right fit for our company as we continue to expand our unique technology solutions, which include a full suite of web-based management tools and the highest level of security for the processing of credit cards throughout the United States." 

"The association of the powerful ABC brand, its extraordinary content partners, and unrivaled sales force with CMT/CMM and its industry-leading technology and unique national footprint was born in the shared vision and wherewithal to create a truly national mobile media network," said Jason Poliner, President of Creative Mobile Media, the media arm of CMT.   "We are very excited to have forged this close alliance with ABC and, here in New York particularly, with WABC-TV."

This game-changing partnership will have the following effects as of January 1, 2012:

  • 6,600 CMT taxicabs in New York City will begin running ABC local and national content, which features local news and weather updated 4 times a day as well as "news you can use" features that all run within a "rotation loop" shortly after the passenger enters the taxi.
  • Over 3,000 additional CMT taxicabs in Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Anaheim, Kansas City, Denver, Columbus, and Charlotte will begin delivering ABC content and advertising.
  • It will lay the groundwork for additional expansion into new markets by CMT/CMM and ABC in the coming months.

The in-taxi media market, with its geographic targeting functionality, interactive passenger screens, and state-of-the art proof of performance capability, has grown substantially since the medium's inception in 2006 when Creative Mobile Technologies pioneered the use of high-definition media screens, payment terminals and fleet management software in New York Citytaxicabs.  The demand for advertising in this unique, premium digital out-of-home space has skyrocketed and today is an integral component in national advertising campaigns targeting the key demographics represented by the taxi rider. 

ABC is a demonstrated leader in the broadcast industry, with an impressive #1 ranking (sign-on/sign-off) in New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.  The combined efforts of ABC National Television Sales and ABC Regional Sports & Entertainment Sales on the sales front, when coupled with the station ranking dominance, gives advertisers genuine value, even in lean economic times.  This association with CMT and CMM allows them a further opportunity to extend and strengthen the ABC brand and market presence.

About CMT and CMM

Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT) was founded in 2005 by Ron Sherman, a taxi industry leader who operates one of the largest yellow medallion taxi fleets in New York City.  Mr. Sherman had a vision for creating a high quality advertising-driven solution to a New York City issued mandate for secure rear-seat credit card payment, other passenger amenities, and data capturing.  CMT quickly captured half of the New York City taxi market including fleets and individual driver-owners and expanded its signature "FREEdom Solution" and other solutions to more than 40 cities in 28 states across the country.   In addition to its 10,000 in-vehicle media screens throughout the United States, CMT has more than 20,000 vehicles in which it provides credit card processing.  To date, across these 20,000+ vehicles, CMT has processed over 250 million in-vehicle credit card transactions, totaling in excess of $5 billion.  With Creative Mobile Media (CMM), its media arm, CMT looks to capitalize still further on the opportunities available through its patented technology and leading-edge software platforms.

About ABC, ABC National Television Sales and WABC-TV

ABC, ABC National Television Sales, and ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales are parts of The Walt Disney Company, a recognized content leader with global entertainment and news television properties, owned television stations, as well as radio and publishing businesses.  Sales, along with its ABC Regional Sports and Entertainment Sales unit, is a leading advertising sales and marketing representative that provides advertisers with access to consumers wherever they are ... in taxis, stores, on the streets, at home, on-line, and in-stadium.  It represents numerous out-of-home media properties; ABC Owned Television Stations, ESPN Owned Radio Stations; regional sports networks, and LED Spectacular Screens in Times Square New York.  ABC, Inc.. WABC-TV, Channel 7, is the ABC-owned television station in New York City.  During the most recent November 2011 Nielsen ratings sweeps, ABC7 continued its dominant run in the nation's largest TV market, attracting a larger audience than any other television station in the United States.


SOURCE Creative Mobile Technologies, LLC

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