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The Info-Sanatate network and Nielsen Romania announce the launch of the first efficiency studies of

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The Info-Sanatate network and Nielsen Romania announce the launch of the first efficiency studies of indoor advertising in Romania.

The Info-Sanatate network and Nielsen Romania announce the launch of the first efficiency studies of indoor advertising in Romania, carried out according to the international standards of the Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA). The studies were carried out for the Info-Sanatate Indoor TV network by Nielsen Romania and they measure the efficiency of the communication campaigns conducted by Info-Sanatate for Berlin-Chemie (media agency: Propaganda), Dona Pharmacies and Boiron Laboratories.

Info-Sanatate TV is the first digital signage network in South-eastern Europe to introduce the DPAA standard for measuring audiences and the efficiency of marketing campaigns.  

“Romania became part of an international trend to optimize the marketing strategies. According to the study carried out by the DPAA in 2003, on 2,474 marketing professionals from the USA, 49% of them recommended that the digital signage type networks should be included in the marketing mix, due to the efficiency demonstrated by studies,” declared Ovidiu Brazdău, Info-Sanatate’s Managing Partner and the president of the Romanian Indoor Advertising Association.

“This is a solid, detailed case study that underscores digital place-based media’s ability to boost purchasing intent by serving consumers with contextually relevant ads. The study clearly demonstrates that DPb delivers powerful results across all key metrics” stated Barry Frey, President and CEO, Digital Place-based Advertising Association.

The results show a high potential for growth in the sales of brands promoted through Info-Sanatate TV, especially due to elevated levels of the activation of consumers and purchasing intent, but also due to the other efficiency indicators measured:
- The average recognition rate of the three advertisements measured is 86% (ad recognition - prompted), and the average spontaneous notoriety of the advertisements is 60% (ad recall – spontaneous).
- The level of the purchase intent as a result of watching the advertisements is 58%, a fact which demonstrates the high potential for conversion towards the brand promoted by the campaigns run on the Info-Sanatate TV network.
-The contextual relevance of the evaluated advertising is highly elevated, with 87% of the respondents feeling that the viewed ads are suitable for broadcast on the Info-Sanatate TV network in medical clinics and hospitals.
- The results of the studies show an elevated rate of the brand activation: 62 % of those who recognized the ads stated they were interested in finding out more information about the brand, and 61% would promote the brand to friends and family.

The Nielsen Study is available at: X-Info-SanatateTV_effectiveness_study.pdf

“The campaigns on the Info-Sanatate Indoor TV network complement the campaigns on TV by expanding the audience. In most of the private clinics, the audience is made up of ‘light TV viewers’, active persons who watch classic TV programmes for only a small number of hours per day. Thus, they cannot be reached by classic media and the extension of the marketing mix is required. The results of the efficiency studies have positioned Info-Sanatate TV as an efficient means of complementary communication,” stated Alex Larionescu, Research Manager Info-Sanatate.

“Nielsen joined with enthusiasm Info-Sanatate’s initiative to measure the efficiency of the communication campaigns in clinics and hospitals within the Info-Sanatate network. It is a project that has been planned over a long period of time by both sides, which we are glad to have put in place together this year. We were also pleasantly surprised by the receptivity already shown by the clients, which rapidly manifested in the desire to be among of the beneficiaries of these measurement studies, understanding furthermore the value of the obtained information. The efficiency studies performed for Info-Sanatate TV highlighted extremely useful aspects for any department which intends to plan the communication budget, namely the distribution on different alternative channels through which they intend to communicate,” declared Ana-Maria Maier, Senior Research Executive, Nielsen Consumer Research.

“‘Measurement’, ‘quantifiable results’ and ‘efficiency’ are the terms that define us. We are the first in Romania to have introduced such studies, and the results show that the Info-Sanatate network is very efficient. The advertising campaigns are integrated non-aggressively during the editorial programmes and they occupy a maximum of 35% of the duration of the 30 minutes informative loop, so the people who are waiting in the reception area have a pleasant experience during their waiting time,” said Psihoterapeut Gina Gheoca, Managing Partner, Info-Sanatate Network.

The studies which evaluated Info-Sanatate TV’s efficiency were carried out at the exit of the location, on a sample of 327 people / 18+ years old, who visited the clinics and hospitals in Bucharest at which the Info-Sanatate network was present on TV screens.

About the Info-Sanatate network

Info-Sanatate TV is the most extended digital signage type information network in Romania, consisting of over 380 LCD screens located in the reception areas of medical clinics and hospitals in 120 cities in Romania. The editorial programmes are designed for the education and informing of the patients, by promoting a healthy lifestyle as well as by sustaining any prevention programmes.

The educational and informational campaigns for the patients run by the Info-Sanatate network are supported by the Medical College in Romania, by the Romanian Association of International Medicines Manufacturers, by the Trade Union of Pharmacists, and also by other institutions and professional organizations in the health services domain.

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