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OVAB Evolves to Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA)

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Fast moving trade organization leads change in the industry

New York, March 23, 2010 – OVAB, the Out-of-home Video Advertising Bureau, a 3 year old non-profit trade organization representing digital and video place- based advertising networks announced today its new name – the Digital Place-based Advertising Association, or the DPAA. The new name, voted on by members, better positions the industry and its members within the fast moving and evolving media landscape.

“As advertising agencies move to eliminate internal silos and platform-specific budgets, we wanted to ensure that our organization is structured and positioned to support more integrated media campaigns,” said Mike DiFranza, President of Captivate Network and Chairman of DPAA. “We are already seeing a significant shift in spending as more traditional buyers look for ways to counteract ad-skipping technologies and reach a more “on the go” consumer, through a variety of digital communication channels.”

Founded in 2007, the association has a reputation for acting fast and effectively to serve the industry and its members. In 2008 the association published its Audience Metrics Guidelines which provides a common and consistent framework for digital place-based networks to conduct and report comparable audience research. By 2009 a substantial portion of the association’s network members announced they were using the Guidelines and receiving positive feedback from the advertising community. This year, the association has re-branded itself to better represent and serve its members and the agency and advertiser community.

“Digital placed-based advertising networks deliver unique benefits whose foundations intersect with elements from TV, digital, out-of-home, mobile, social, interactivity, and experiential”, said Suzanne La Forgia, President of DPAA. “As a media type, it delivers audiences and experiences that can be a powerful and effective component to delivering real results for advertisers. The new name reflects how the industry will position these unique benefits to advertisers and their agency partners.”

“I applaud DPAA for recognizing the shift in the marketing and advertising landscape,’ commented Kris Magel, EVP, Director, National Broadcast at Initiative “It’s not about if it’s a replacement for TV or Online or Out-of-home, but rather how complementary it can be to those media and most importantly, what combination will deliver the best performance and results for advertisers.”

“This organization has done a tremendous amount of work in coalescing what was a group of network operators only 3 short years ago, to an industry,” said Christina Radigan, Associate Director, Marketing and Communications at OMG/OMA. “The new name harnesses the assets of the media, by speaking to its technology and placement and ultimately will help to better define the space and its value to the industry at large.”

DPAA’s mission will remain the same: to make it easier for the advertising community to plan, buy, and evaluate the effectiveness of digital place-based advertising networks. The strategy to achieve that mission will include the development of robust tools, best practices and standards and industry wide research.

The Digital Place-based Advertising Association (DPAA) exists to create a forum for substantive, ongoing collaboration among advertisers, agencies, digital place-based advertising networks and their suppliers to drive consistent growth for the industry. DPAA’s mission is to make it easier to plan, buy and evaluate the effectiveness of digital place-based advertising networks through the development of industry-wide standards, best practices and industry wide research.

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