Outfront Media Launches ON Smart Platform in Minneapolis

Outfront Media Launches ON Smart Platform in Minneapolis

Outfront Media Inc. OUT, the New York-based real estate investment trust ("REIT") is expanding its ON Smart Media platform. The company has launched this high-tech platform in the Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway systems, which is likely to re-define the adverting experience of consumers. Notably, Outfront had previously deployed this technology in Washington D.C. and New York City.

These high-definition digital screens located in high-traffic areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul, will complement Outfront's skyway systems, and create an engaging experience for the pedestrians.

Outfront is a leading provider of out-of-home advertising space in key markets throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico and South America. The company reported first-quarter 2016 adjusted funds from operations per share of 36 cents, beating the Zacks Consensus Estimate of 33 cents and remaining unchanged from the year-ago quarter.

Read more:  http://www.nasdaq.com/article/outfront-media-launches-on-smart-platform-in-minneapolis-cm623370#ixzz49Rr6BiC2

Read more:  http://www.nasdaq.com/article/outfront-media-launches-on-smart-platform-in-minneapolis-cm623370#ixzz49Rp7f1jM

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