Spotlight on Verifone Media and General Manager Paul Jankauskas

Spotlight on Verifone Media and General Manager Paul Jankauskas

Verifone Media’s General Manager Paul Jankauskas is having a good year. He’s been a senior executive in the place-based media industry for more than a decade, and in addition to approaching exciting roll-outs at Verifone, the industry veteran was recently voted onto the DPAA Board of Directors. In a way, he’s returning to his roots in that he was a member before the term ‘digital place based media’ was even coined, when the organization was called the Out-of-Home Video Advertising Bureau.

“Now, there’s much more acceptance on the part of agencies for being open to a myriad of mediums and platforms,” said Jankauskas. “It’s more holistic now out of necessity, and with video being so pervasive, it’s good to see the walls breaking down and that medium being included as a vital part of the path to purchase.”

He joined Verifone Media in 2014 after two years at IZON Media and was also president of American Health Network, executive vice president of 7-Eleven TV, vice president of sales and marketing for Accuweather/ and senior vice president of sales and marketing for Captivate Network. So, in that time, what has changed aside from the omnipresence of video?

“Everything is now about attribution and targetability and how those metrics trigger ads,” he said.

Some platforms are better suited to take advantage of this new focus, and according to Jankauskas, Verifone is well positioned is that they’re so uniquely tied to the transaction and payment process—at the proverbial crossroads of payment and activation. In fact, Verifone’s in-store networks are tied directly to the registers allowing for information to be gathered and for the appropriate upselling process to take place.

“The reason I joined Verifone to begin with was because I saw their connection to closing the loop on the path to purchase with their transaction security platform.”

He couldn’t tell us too many of the details, but we should all rest assured that real game changers are coming down the pipeline in terms of audience measurement and analytics. Apparently, this will be especially true at Verifone gas pumps where the company already maintains approximately 65,000 screens across the country. That’s in addition to the nearly 10,000 screens at C-Stores and another 28,000 whizzing around in taxi cabs for a rough total of 100,000 screens in circulation generating 248 million impressions every month.

“Taxis, pumps and C-Stores all have different and distinct value propositions,” said Jankauskas, “And that structure works for us. We’re literally growing on a monthly basis.”

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