Adpack offers programmatic DOOH buying with audience analytics on one platform

Adpack offers programmatic DOOH buying with audience analytics on one platform

Mel Stott, Tuesday November 28th, 2017

Unlike its competitors in the DOOH audience analytics business, Adpack uses audience data not only for reporting but for targeting and buying as well. Adpack also runs its own fast-growing DOOH network in Germany, equipped with the proprietary audience analytics tech.

Adpack has its own Server Side Platform (SSP) that allows various Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to access Adpack’s DOOH inventory.

Mel Stott talked with Ralph Razisberger, the Adpack’s Founder & CEO, shortly after the company joined the DPAA.

Please tell us about Adpack’s business and your programmatic and real-time analytics/targeting capabilities. 

Adpack operates its own DOOH network in Germany and is starting to expand internationally, but we also offers license models for interested DOOH and retail companies.

Adpack’s technology consists of a visual sensor and the Adpack app installed on a mini PC mounted on professional screens. This set-up allows face-detection of people in front of the screen who are categorized by age and gender.

As all adpacks are always online, they can individually be addressed and allow to display targeted content to specific groups. For example, advertisers can programmatically book to play gender and age specific commercials to women aged 20-30 years in certain areas on certain times of day.

Each adpack is connected to a video server and a SSP (Server Side Platform) and can be addressed by the advertisers’ DSPs (Demand Side Platform).

Since the adpacks are continuously online, the anonymous metadata gathered by visual sensors can be viewed and analyzed in real-time. Hence, the customers in front of the screen can be addressed in real-time.