Location intelligence company Measurence moves into DOOH advertising

Location intelligence company Measurence moves into DOOH advertising

Mark Braff, November 30th,

Measurence, a location intelligence company that quantifies people’s offline behavior and delivers actionable analytics for the physical world, recently joined DPAA. Mel Stott chatted with Elio Narciso, the company’s Founder & CEO.

How does Measurence gather data on consumers?  

We created a proprietary software solution that leverages off-the-shelf plug & play access points and turns them into sophisticated WiFi sensors. Our technology does not require active inputs from the audience in order to measure it – as long as a mobile device has WiFi “on,” we are able to detect presence, location and activity of that device, while preserving privacy. By acquiring our inputs in this manner, our population sample is very large at any given time – about 70% of mobile devices have their WiFi on and can be measured correctly.

With what types of other sources do you combine your data to provide actionable insights for marketers?

By applying our algorithms, we generate actionable insights. We are a first-party data provider, meaning we collect the data and the user works directly with us. We also collect data from social networks, weather data, events data and other private sources.