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'Video Everywhere' Preview Roundtable
by Joe Mandese  @mp_joemandese, October 23, 2018
On the eve of the DPAA’s annual “Video Everywhere” summit, MediaPost held a roundtable discussion with DPAA President-CEO and two of the summit’s marquee speakers: journalist and “Frenemies” author Ken Auletta; and Deloitte Digital's CMO Alicia Hatch. In a free-wheeling conversation traversing technology, data, content, brand experiences and an increasingly intolerant

Digital Display Manufacturer Esprit Digital Joins DPAA
NEW YORK, October 22, 2018 - DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced today that UK-based Esprit Digital has joined the association.

Since 2004, Esprit Digital has manufactured unique, affordable, ultra-reliable screen solutions for any application. All over the world the company's highly stylized digital furniture can be seen in

LUMA Partners CEO Terry Kawaja to Speak at the Video Everywhere Summit
We’ve all seen and “borrowed” the now-famous Lumascapes.  The orderly arrangement of clients to publishers from left to right with all the players in between clearly marked and noted in their own categories. But that’s where familiarity ends for most of us.  In fact, LUMA Partners is a successful

Ken Auletta to Speak at the Video Everywhere Summit
Ken Auletta has been writing the Annals of Communication column for the The New Yorker since he was hired by Tina Brown in 1992.  He is the acclaimed author of books such as Three Blind Mice: How the Networks Lost Their Way and Googled: The End of the World as We Know

Out-of-Home Advertising Spending Picking Up Steam
The Video Everywhere Summit is just around the corner. The annual event will bring together more than 900 delegates representing brands, agencies and digital out-of-home networks. The move comes as out-of-home ads are seeing overall spending growth. Barry Frey, President and CEO of Digital Placed Based Advertising Association joined Cheddar to discuss.


Advertisers pull back on Facebook over privacy blunders
Advertisers are starting to punish Facebook for all its scandals, and it’s about time.

According to Deutsche Bank analysts, advertisers at a recent conference expressed concern about Facebook’s privacy blunders and indicated that they would reduce their purchases of ads on the site.

This shouldn’t surprise anyone. But what is a shock to me is

The DPAA Video Everywhere Summit 
Big event. Well attended by Agencies, Brands and Key #OOH and #DOOH Tech, Mobile and Research

900 + delegates
Multi-screen, Programmatic, Location Data, New media models, Brands & Technology
Key Speakers, Panels, Experiential Exhibits, Superior Networking
Brands, Agencies, Media Owners, Ad Tech, Mobile, Research, & more.

We went last year and will be returning this year. It’s that good.
Registration is open, and attendees

Automated DOOH ad buying platform Adomni now runs cross-network campaigns on three continents
Adomni offers a software platform that allows advertisers to run campaigns across many digital out-of-home ( DOOH ) media networks. Adomni’s CEO Jonathan Gudai explained how his platform worked.

Adomni is an online software platform that connects advertisers with digital out-of-home media owners. Through an easy search and selection

Vyoma Media wins Digital Outdoor Advertising mandate for TVS Victor
- First phase of the campaign will be across Bihar and Kolkata-

4thOctober 2018: Vyoma Media, the country's leading out of home digital solutions company, is pleased to announce that they have won the Digital Outdoor Advertising mandate for the launch of the new model of TVS Victor.

TVS Victor’s new model

Germany-based company provides ‘intelligent automation platform’ for media owners, retailers and media agencies
NEW YORK, Sept. 27, 2018--DPAA, the leading global organization for everything digital out-of-home (DOOH), announced today that LiveDOOH has joined the association.

Based in Germany, LiveDOOH provides a unique “automation platform” for use by media owners, retailers and media agencies. The team behind LiveDOOH’s programmatic

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