OOH Digital Video Has Bright Future

OOH Digital Video Has Bright Future

 By Brad Adgate February 1st, 2018 via MediaPost

At a time when traditional media, such as print and televisio,n are coping with the challenges of digital and out of home, the first ad-supported medium has been thriving.

The term “video everywhere” generally refers to video content streamed on smartphones, laptops, PC and other devices. It also means watching video content outside the home on elevators, gas stations and other locations.

MAGNA Global forecasts an annual growth rate in ad dollars of +2.7% through 2022 for out-of-home and cinema advertising. Over those same five years, MAGNA projects a decline ad spending for other traditional media: television, radio and print. The trade group Digital Placed Advertising Association (DPAA) estimates that this year, 53% of out-of-home ad spending will be digital.

In a media environment with some questionable content, consumers avoiding ads, audience fragmentation and clutter, out-of-home digital media has become a popular medium with marketers.